Retail Site Sight Survey

Retail Site Sight Survey


“Over 1700 Business Owners Have Used This Powerful Tool To Dramatically Improve Their Business, Enhance Their Image, Skyrocket Their Sales And Absolutely CRUSH Their Competitors.


Will YOU Be Next?”

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• Win MORE customers than your competitors

• Evaluate, fix and/or improve your image – your brand

• Identify advertising and marketing practices that are working and bringing you publicity and revenue…and discard the ones that are not! “SAVING YOU thousands of dollars

• Determine which areas of your business need improvement

• Benchmark competition – adjust pricing – and generate SIGNIFICANT profits

• Boost employee morale and performance

• Become the leader in your market

• Gain an in-depth insight into your visual merchandising strategy. (Don’t have one now? You will soon)!

• Take your business to the next level

• Receive completely honest appraisals of your business from your customers and prospects point of view – learn exacty what they are thinking!

• And much much more…

“Over 5400 Business Owners Have Used This Powerful Tool To Dramatically 

Improve Their Business, Enhance Their Image, Skyrocket Their Sales 

And Absolutely CRUSH Their Competitors.

Will YOU Be Next?


“It never made sense to my husband or me as to why a nearby competitor, with HIGHER prices was usually busier than us. 

At times our sales were just barely keeping us afloat. Now we know exactly why this happens and have turned the tables 

in our community. We’re making larger deposits consistently and finally understand what marketing is all about. 

Your workbook has not only taught us how to be more professional, but also just how to sell more apparel and accessories. 

We wish we found you years earlier”.  -Missy Snow – Norwalk, CT


From The Desk Of: Giovanni Yarabek

B2C Intelligence

Tampa, Florida USA

Dear Business Owner,

You too can have instant access to a powerful and highly effective tool that will launch your business to the next level … the business world is fiercely competitive … in order to survive  you need to have an ‘edge’ over your competition. Retail Site Sight Survey™ is YOUR ‘EGDE’!

If I told you can have instant access to a powerful and highly effective tool that helps launch your business to the next level … Would you take it? 

Joe Reynolds owner,  Bella Boutique did and look at the results he achieved:


I’d often considered making a few improvements and changes, but really did not know how to go about it. I’ve read a few books, too, but still did not really know just how to begin or even where to turn. Your instructions were just what I needed. Last year our sales were WAY up and 2013 is looking fantastic too. Wish I found this golden nugget 20 years ago!


Emily Jarvis, another smart and savvy entrepreneur who used Retail Site Sight Survey™ to transform her restaurant business from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary:’


This is almost too easy to be true. At first I never thought it would work for a restaurant, but the customer traffic is amazing. It’s almost as though someone turned on a light switch. The comments are always positive from customers and we are delivering a cohesive fresh look, which brings in new customers as well too. Your lists are so complete, some of which we never thought of, even some of the obvious methods, duh! Your precise instructions for employees and managers were perfect and easy for everyone to follow. Thanks again. I’d recommend you to everyone (except my competition), LOL.


What’s more, Dr. Swanson’s profits soared and the number of patients visiting his chiropractic office more than doubled within a few short weeks of putting this tool to use.  


Please accept this testimonial for use with any of your products, as we use them all. We started with the consulting service (on-line) back in 2004, and have remain loyal to Punch Agency ever since. We have 3 wellness clinic offices in the metro area, each continues to thrive. I’d like to say that it’s pretty much due to your Customer Loyalty program, however, we do know that routine marketing as you provide in the step-by-step workbooks, provides an excellent ROI.


And in just a moment, I’m going to reveal how YOU too can gain exclusive access to this potent resource. 

But before we go any further, let me ask you a question…


How Much Would A Thriving, Successful And Profitable Business Be Worth To You?



Hundreds of customers flocking to your store(s) on a regular basis, impressed by what you’re offering…eagerly investing in your products and services…and recommending your business to everyone they know.


An avalanche of profits flowing in to your bank account daily…weekly…monthly… annually. 


Your competitors scratching their heads…wondering why on earth folks keep flocking to your store and not theirs.

It would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

And now, you can make it happen for REAL when you take advantage of…


Retail Site Sight Survey 


– The Must-Have Business Tool For Savvy Entrepreneurs Who Want To 

Increase Profits, Enhance Your Business Image, Attract More Customers And 

Gain An Edge Over The Competition


Retail Site Sight Survey™ is a simple, detailed, step-by-step workbook that helps you discover how consumers truly perceive your business. 

Designed in a DIY (do-it-yourself) format, this workbook enables you to unlock the secret opinions the public has about your products and services… and reveals a wealth of useful information you can easily use to dramatically enhance your image, improve your business and take it to NEW and prosperous heights. 

Regardless of whether your retail store or consumer service business is based in a busy city or a rural town, this tool allows you to uncover a goldmine of consumer data that’s both laser targeted and super profitable. 

Simply put, this is the kind of information you can make use of to propel your business ahead of your competition and absolutely dominate your niche. 

What’s more, Retail Site Sight Survey is incredibly easy to understand and implement. It can either be self-administered (and the content kept confidential) or you may share the data with key strategic business partners. It’s totally your call. 

The best part? 

You’ll start seeing results within weeks, days or even hours, depending on the nature of your business and the market you’re targeting.   

With that said…


Here’s A Quick Glance At Some Of The Fantastic Benefits Of Using Retail Site Sight Survey™ 

For Your Business


•Win MORE customers than your competitors 

•Evaluate, fix and/or improve your image – your brand

•Identify advertising and marketing practices that are working and bringing you publicity and revenue…and discard the ones that are not! “SAVING YOU thousands of dollars

•Determine which areas of your business need improvement

•Benchmark competition – adjust pricing – and generate SIGNIFICANT profits 

•Boost employee morale and performance 

•Become the leader in your market

•Gain an in-depth insight into your visual merchandising strategy. (Don’t have one now? You will soon)! 

•Take your business to the next level

  •Receive completely honest appraisals of your business from your customers and prospects point of view – learn exacty what they are thinking!

•And much much more…

By now, you’re probably wondering…


How Much Does It Cost?


Well, if you were to hire a professional marketing agency or a business consultant to implement this for you, it will cost you $1,200 and more. Of course, this is excluding the various extra expenses you’ll have to pocket out for several ‘add-on’ services. 

On the other hand, Retail Site Sight Survey is just $595 – that’s a savings of more than $600.

But wait…

Because I’m currently running a pricing test on, for a very limited time only, you can gain access to this must-have business tool for only $99that’s a massive discount of $496. 

I must warn you though – this deal will not last for long. As soon as I conclude my test, the price will rocket back up to $595 without prior notice. ((Check out our complete website, where many B2C business, like your have ordered from … and paid full price. This is the link:

And since you’re a smart business owner, you’ll strike while the iron’s hot and invest in your copy of Retail Site Sight Survey™ while it’s still being offered at a steal! 


Order TODAY And Gain FREE Access To A 

Special Bonus Worth $495.00


When you take action and place your order right away, you’ll also be sent a special gift – the EZ Benchmarking Secret Shopper Guide – totally FREE of charge. 

Written in a compelling style, this informative report gives you a comprehensive glimpse into the world of mystery shopping and reveals the many benefits of employing mystery shoppers to conduct discreet surveys about your products/services. This is one actual report order by a client and delivered several years ago.

In fact, this one simple concept alone can help highlight key areas of improvement in your business…that ultimately makes a positive difference to your bottom line.

The EZ Benchmarking Secret Shopper Guide is usually sold for $495.00, but it’s yours FREE when you invest in a copy of Retail Site Sight Survey today. Simply send an email requesting your free copy of this amazing retailer tool, after your purchase of Retail Site Sight Survey.

Look, I stand behind my product 100% – it has produced astounding results for over 5400 businesses (and counting) – and I’m confident it’ll generate fantastic results for your business too. 

That’s why I’m happily taking all of the risk and placing it squarely on my shoulders.

And let me prove it to you by offering you…


The Retail Site Sight Survey Iron-Clad 

Triple Guarantee


Promise #1


The sheer quality of the main product and the accompanying bonus will exceed your expectations. You will not find any fluff or filler here – only results-oriented content you can put into action right away. 

Promise #2


Upon using Retail Site Sight Survey™, you’ll notice practically instant results that will only keep getting better in the coming days, weeks, months and years. That’s how powerful this tool is! 

Promise #3

Impact On Your Business

Retail Site Sight Survey will empower your business and help you take it to greater heights. You’ll present your business and services more attractively, compelling more shopper visits and purchases, which translates to more customers and more sales. 

Are you ready to zoom past your competitors and become the undisputed leader in your specialty? 

Now if for any unlikely reason, this product doesn’t live up to any of these promises, do not hesitate to send me an email (within 90 – 180 days of your purchase). 

You’ll receive a prompt, courteous and hassle-free refund. All I ask is that you provide proof you actually followed the instructions and implemented the priceless data obtained by this tool. 

Fair enough? 


Giovanni Yarabek
Author and Retail Marketing Expert
Serving Retailers for over 30 years


I did not want to believe it, my shop used to get so many compliments and referrals from other customers. I assumed the wonderful comments just dissipated over time, because we were not the new kid on the block any longer. After doing our first [Retail Site Sight] survey, what I thought about my business and my competition simply was not up-to-date. We made the recommended changes and well, we’re getting great reviews again. The best part is hearing the cash register ring and ring and ring.  Music to my ears! Thanks Giovanni.  -E. Perkins, Ella’s Closet & Ella’s Closet Too 


The Bottom Line Is This…

Listen, you and I both know that the business world is fiercely competitive … your business climate is constantly changing and in order to survive and come out on top, you MUST maintain an ‘edge’ over your competition.  Well, Retail Site Sight Survey™ is your ‘edge.’ 

In other words, it is your key to increased profits and guaranteed business success. 

And because you’re an intelligent entrepreneur that knows a golden opportunity when you see one, you’ll be clicking on the button below to get your hands on this immensely powerful resource right away…


To Your Certain Success!

Giovanni Yarabek
Author, Retail Marketing Expert 


PS. Remember, for a limited time only, you can gain access to this proven and business tool for a one-time fee of just $197 (since it usually costs $595, that’s a very generous discount of $496). But this price won’t last for long and will shoot back up without notice. 

Also, when you order today, you’re also entitled to receive the EZ Benchmarking Secret Shopper Guide ($495 value) as a special bonus – absolutely FREE of charge. So don’t delay, invest in Retail Site Sight Survey now.

PPS. Here’s another testimonial that just came into my inbox a short while ago…


Are you kidding … five hundred dollars? We followed your guides and made all the necessary changes with-in about 3 weeks (I was very motivated). Patients noticed our smooth operation and referred new patients to us right away. This program was paid for practically overnight. The bonus is that my staff is motivated and conscientious about keeping this a happy world class dental office.

Dr. J. Ortiz, DMD


This is further PROOF that Retail Site Sight Survey™ does wonders for your business. To achieve similar (or even better) results, simply click below to order your very own copy now!  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How much will it cost to ‘fix’ or ‘improve’ my business once the Retail Sight Site Survey is complete? 

A. Typically most changes/adjustments can be made for little or NO COST, in a matter of hours! Usually the ROI of Retail Site Sight Survey™ is just days away, as sales increase. Also, the adjustments typically have lasting power, increasing sales for many months. 

Q. When this is done, how long will it last? 

A. This depends on several factors, depending on the seasonality of your business, but generally 6 months or longer. Once you buy Retail Site Sight Survey™, you’ll see in the instructions, we recommend using it in your location(s) again in 6 months. 

Your purchase does allow you to use and re-use the format/workbook again and again on the business for which you originally purchased this for. YEA!

Q. I’ve read many books on running a retail business, some very specific to my business. How is this Retail Site Sight Survey different? 

A. Retail Site Sight Survey™ does not tell you how to set-up shop or run your business, as most books discuss. What Retail Site Sight Survey™ does, exactly is to deliver to you a ‘report card’ of how your business ‘looks’ to prospects and customers, as compared to other businesses in your market area. 

It will identify what areas you are strong in, (doing better than others) and all of the areas where you need to improve. Making the adjustments will greatly enhance your business image. Believe it or not, most prospects make their initial purchase decision in less than the first minute of seeing your business. Having a strong and healthy look will invite more sales and increase your profitability. 

Q. I’m pretty familiar with my competition and I don’t always want to compete on price, many times I can not lower my prices any lower. What will Retail Sight Site Survey do for me then? 

A. Price is a concern for nearly all consumers, but purchase decisions are not made on price alone. If, everything else in the total equation is absolutely equal, price could be the deciding factor. But, even among franchise owners with multiple stores, grave differences often exist from unit to unit. 

Retail Site Sight Survey™ will point out each detail that is a concern or bother to your prospects. It will also address some of the details that you may have been overlooking for a very long time, many that you no longer see, therefore never get fixed. 

When prospects see problems, even the simple ones, (that have nothing to do with price) they make a determination about you and your business, and often take their business elsewhere.  **Also, you can alternatively use this workbook on your competition to create a sort of side-by-side comparison. Some clients that have done that, have found many areas where they could raise their prices and continue to grow their business and make much more money!  The EZ Benchmarking Secret Shopper Guide (FREE BONUS) will greatly help you with this as well!

It’s easy to get started NOW. Just click the link to order your Business Tools today!


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